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we made it to machu picchu


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michelle and jacob arrived in cuzco the day we got back from puno. we took the evening to regroup and catch up while they acclimated to the altitude. the next day we headed out for aguas calientes and then on to machu picchu from there. we took a train into aguas calientes which was a… Continue reading →

lake titicaca and the floating islands


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we decided on the easy route for touring lake titicaca. the air was thin and none of us were feeling super adventurous in the conditions, especially not bob’s grandma, though we were super impressed that she was even willing to try 13,00o feet. but, we were all content to get to see the floating islands… Continue reading →

the road to puno


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bob’s dad and grandma arrived safe and sound in cuzco (though somewhat sleep and oxygen deprived) and had a day to acclimate before we hit the road. we made our way to puno, a city on the shore of lake titicaca, by way of an all day bus tour. i think the visuals will do… Continue reading →