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as everyday brings a brand new adventure on this trip, today’s has been focused on the weather.  we woke up at our campsite in about 40 degrees, slowly packed up the bikes and headed out for san antonio.  but, it was so cold we thought we’d head toward coffee and wifi first.  it was a good thing, too, because 10 minutes after we got started it began sleeting on us.  fun times!

so, we got off the highway pretty quickly and found a starbucks (i never thought i’d be happy that they are so readily available until i started this trip).  we are currently warming up and trying to get a grasp on the weather for the rest of the day.  it’s supposed to get back up to the 70s in the next few days, though, so it’s just a crazy texas cold snap this weekend.

it got down below 30 last night at our campsite, and i can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment to have made it through our first super cold night camping.  i have not always been excited about cold weather camping.  bob, on the other hand, is a huge fan.  so, i think he’s rubbed off on me.  anyway, it was a great idea to camp last night, even though it was freezing because we met some great folks at the park where we stayed.  the current park hosts stopped by for a visit after running into matt up at the bath house, and they were super excited about our trip.  they were incredibly friendly and encouraging.  and, they told us about a couple who was camping there on their way back home to the south of mexico.  we went out in search of these guys this morning, and sure enough they are heading to oaxaca, which they’ve called home for quite awhile now.  they’re originally from the US, and had great advice on roads to take, cities to stop in and at what point south we would actually be able to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

we were pretty excited to get first hand, current info on what it’s like to be a ‘tourist’ passing through mexico right now.  it’s really reassuring.  and we’re expecting that it’s only going to get more common as we head closer to the border.  we’re still going to try and make it to san antonio tonight, where we’ll be staying with a couple who rides, and offered to take us in.  we are hopeful that they will have more info and stories for us.  as much as the nervous energy is creeping out about what we’re about to do, the excitement is pretty prevalent as well.  i’ll make sure to give a few more updates before we leave the US.  i’m sure our confidence and anticipation will take many different turns in the next few days… here we go!

bob and ‘pete’ getting the bikes ready to go at the day’s inn. it’s a long process, but we are getting more efficient every day.

finally found a spot on the gas tank for our little magnet that juliana gave us.  now, we’ll have a constant reminder of our friends back home.

i was on bike-watch duty while bob and matt shopped for camping food at the grocery store in the background. i’m learning quickly how to make parking lots work as places to catch a quick siesta, stretch out my sore muscles from long rides, and find the sunniest spots in which to soak up the warmth.

well, my turn on the computer is up, so that’s all for now.  more on how the last few days in the US are going soon…

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  1. Glad to hear you made the connect with the US/Mexico folks in the park. Hope the weather gets warmer as you head south. I’ve been thinking about your adventure all day. Have a great time. I’ll be riding there with ya in spirit!

    – Kevin (MFSP Host)

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