a rejuvenating break in san antonio


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well, we made it to san antonio in one piece.  it was a cold few hours on the highway, but once we arrived at our destination we realized that we had made the right decision. we are still staying with the couple that we found through the adventure rider forum that we all use.  (way to go matt for working that one out!) they are so generous and excited to have motorcyclists in their home.  we’ve gotten great ride stories, some good gear and travel advice, and connection to their riding network, which is so extensive that they know lots of people who have gone south of the border. one in particular is of special interest to us. he apparently takes tours of riders through mexico, guatemala, and el salvador on a regular basis.  and, it just so happens that he’s taking some folks down on saturday.  so, we’re heading down to his town (about two hours from here) tomorrow and taking him out to lunch to pick his brain about mexico travel and what his agenda looks like. we’re pretty excited to get to talk with someone getting ready to do the same trip.  so, i’ll definitely give an update after that meeting. i have a feeling it will be an itinerary-solidifying kind of lunch.

staying with our gracious hosts has really been a morale boost, which we all needed after camping in the cold and grappling with the task of crossing the border.  being here has reiterated what we had thought about the adventure riding community all along.  it’s a network that acts as a family and they will go to great lengths to help each other out.  it’s really amazing to meet such generous people who have taken us in, shown us their city, and made us feel like family in a matter of hours.

to mr. and mrs. whip: we are SO very grateful for your hospitality and you will always be welcome wherever we land! we can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help prepare us for this journey.

here they are at the infamous alamo in downtown san antonio.

and here’s our crew.  well fed by our hosts and happy to be toured around such a historic city all day.

bob took the bike out this afternoon to get new tires and a new shock put on. the boys were able to do some maintenance in the barn where our hosts park their bikes.  oil is changed and our bike is ready for the road ahead!

one of the many beautiful catholic churches in downtown san antonio.  this one had a lot of german influence, so things were written in both german and english.

a crazy old tree near the alamo.  i really had to fight the urge to climb it because it just seemed like such a perfect climbing tree.  but, it’s a very important piece of the alamo history, so i figured it wasn’t a good idea. :)

the river walk in downtown.  we walked all over the area today.  it was good exercise and fun to be a tourist for a day.  san antonio has some cool history and we had a great tour guide (mrs. whip) who was super knowledgeable about everything downtown, when and why it was built and fun facts about the timeline of the city.

we’re heading out from here tomorrow to seek out this motorcycle mechanic who is heading south of the border this weekend.  whatever advice we get then, i’ll be sure to share as we finalize our plans for the next few days.  so, it’s goodbye to san antonio tomorrow and on to new sights and new information on down the road.

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  1. wow, off to a great start it appears….excited to hear about what lies ahead. happy valentines and what not. PEACE!

  2. Isn’t it amazing to meet travelers…special breed. :0) I am soo excited you all have that guide going with, that really helps to have someone who has done it before.This trip just keeps on getting better by the day.xoxoxox

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