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the network of generous riders continues to grow for us.  larry and louise (our gracious hosts in san antonio) sent us down to see their BMW mechanic, motohank.  and, in the last 24 hours he has proven to be our greatest resource yet.  first thing about hank is that if you own a BMW bike and live anywhere in the general vicinity, you apparently take your bike to him.  he seems to be a wizard at fixing up bikes (so if you’re in need of his services and reading this, visit him here: he also seems to have a huge passion for travel and has been to the tip of south america on his bike, as well as taken many trips through central america. and, lucky us, he’s heading out for a short solo trip into central america on saturday. not only that, but he’s willing to let us tag along for his first day and get us well into mexico.  he’s going a lot faster than us, so one day will get us exactly where we want to be once we’re on our own.

we spent the entire day with hank and even got put up in his house for the night. so we had hours of time to pick his brain and asked about a million questions about his experience of latin america and his knowledge of motorcycle travel.  he’s pretty much a bottomless pit of information where those two things are concerned.  he showed us a lot of his pictures from the trip he took down to south america and got us pretty excited about the things we’ll see and experience along the way.

us hanging out in hank’s shop for the afternoon. he showed us a great documentary of the history of the chiapas conflict and some beautiful photos from his travels.

we got premium parking in hank’s front lawn for the night.

after talking with hank about his reasoning for travel south of the border and thinking about what i’m looking for on this trip, i’m beginning to think that i won’t be changing as much as i’ll be solidifying the person i’ve been trying to become for the last few years.  instead of chasing the american dream, i’m chasing new cultural experiences and trying to learn how to live a simpler way. i feel like more and more i see my generation grappling with this same idea and trying to find their own definition of success.  hank definitely helped us see a long term lifestyle that helps facilitate continual travel.  and, it has been a really refreshing and reflective moment as we prepare to embark on this trip. i’ll keep you updated, as these thoughts and feelings will surely shift and become more defined along the way.

here’s pete, the valentine baby, gasing up his bike on the morning of his birthday! oh, happy belated valentine’s day to all my loved ones.  besos for all of you!

we are spending our last few days in the US taking care of some much needed business. pete is getting his bike ready to go with new tires and a new shock. we did that in san antonio thanks to Juan and his crew at Buckethead’s Pit Stop.  they really got us set up well. we are mailing a huge pile of unnecessary items (see the table above) back home, while shipping is still (relatively) cheap. we took an inventory of things we had duplicates of, things we haven’t used yet, and things we feel that we can totally live without.  and, as the pile grew, i got excited about re-packing the bike on friday and having an easier, lighter load. when pete goes through his stuff, he’ll most likely come out with a pile similar to ours.

so, now we sit at the border for a few days, do a few more chores, make those last few phone calls while we still have cell phones and try to relax before things get back into hectic travel mode again. we’re studying our flash cards and trying to prepare mentally for our impending spanish immersion.  i’m excited to finally be somewhere long enough to get a much fuller grasp on the language and to dive back into the beauty and deep cultural history of mexico!



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