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it’s my last night in the US for a long, long time. well, as long as all goes well at the border. (wish us luck!)  i’ve never left the country for as long of a stint as i’m attempting this next year. and, honestly, i can’t really sum up my feelings about that in a concise manner.  i’m at the point where things have to be taken a day at a time.  so, as far as i am feeling about tomorrow… i’m really excited.  i’ve been waiting a very long time for tomorrow to get here. and, i am pretty sure i won’t sleep as soundly as normal in anticipation for our international travel to begin.

we’ve clocked 1800+ miles so far. and our first weekend on the road, which found us in new orleans, feels like a long time ago.  i can only imagine what a few more weeks are going to do to our perspective on our experiences. i’m not too sad to say goodbye to texas.  don’t get me wrong, we’ve met wonderful people here. and, there are some very pretty things about the state. but, it doesn’t feel like home, actually kind of foreign. and, if that’s the case, i’d rather be somewhere outside of the US.

so, the blog could change drastically in the coming weeks. who knows, i might lose my handle on the english language a bit. (not that my handle on it has been that great in the 1st place!) and, i’m sure there will be more stories to tell. so, i’ll work hard to get them all down. but until then, here are the last few images i’ll leave you with from the US…

bob’s last US haircut.  we sent the electric clippers home in our box of excess.  so, who knows what his latin american haircuts will look like! you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

the parking just keeps getting better. this is our hotel at the border.

this pretty much sums up texas. so, i’ll leave it at that…

see you in mexico!


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