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i woke up this morning to a quiet knock on our door. hank was heading out and wanted to say goodbye. so, we sleepily threw on some clothes and headed out to the street to see him off. it was still dark out because we were so tucked into the mountains that the sun hadn’t made it up yet. but, it was already past 6am, and he had a long day of riding solo ahead, so he wanted a very early start. as soon as I pushed open the hotel door and stepped out into the street, i was met by the sound of about a hundred roosters all clucking at random. every now and then a burrow would chime in. it’s something hard to put into words, but it was so cool to realize where we had woken up this morning.

we said a quick goodbye to hank as he hopped on his bike. being the amazing tour guide that he is, his parting words were the options he recommended for how to spend our day off in Real. that gave us a laugh. thanks hank for everything! i’m sure we will be seeing you again. and, if you come across a bike for me and bob, you know how to find us!

because it was 6am, dark out, and I was still fatigued from a long first day in mexico, i tried going back to sleep. to no avail, though. the church bells started soon after we got back under the covers. so, we checked our email in bed (yes, our swanky little hotel in the mountains had wi-fi) and then bob went up to the roof to try and catch the sunrise. we had a lovely morning of sight-seeing and wandering the streets through town. they are mostly steep climbs on the cobblestones. and we’re right around 10,000 feet here, so we both felt super winded after just a few moments. but, we weren’t more affected than that by the altitude. So, that bodes well for our future Andean adventures.

views from the roof of our hotel

bob and i around town… the picture of me is in the heart of the puebla and the one of bob is on the outskirts of town, about a 5 minute walk from where the first one was taken.

bob made a friend on our walk and he really wanted the portrait of the little guy to make the blog. this one’s for you babe.

we walked to the edge of town to find the old church and graveyard that aren’t used anymore, wandered into the main church just as a mid-morning mass was starting, so we caught some of that. bought some milagros from a man and his son at the entrance to the church for one of bob’s acquaintances in Louisville who uses them to make jewelry. (they are on their way, Gwen!) and, then had a delicious lunch of tacos and fresh squeezed orange juice for about $2 apiece. The tortillas were made right in front of us on a wood-burning flat grill. and we watched the oranges get cut and squeezed for our juice. oh, mexico, I already am falling in love with you!

the end of mass in the main church. bob and i thought the wood floor was the highlight of this one!

that afternoon we were convinced to ride horses up to the main mining ruins quite a ways up the mountain. it was a 2 hour trip up more cobblestone roads. our horses were well trained, but i was still a little uneasy about the drop offs on the sides of the road. the view were amazing, though. and it was great to go through the mining ruins and see the true history of the town. i’ll just let you see it through photos. but, i will say that i came up with a new rule for myself… no riding horses when i have to ride on the bike the next day. my bum is still recovering two days later.

the pueblo from up in the mountains…

what a great introduction to mexico these first two days have been! off to more adventures in new cities tomorrow.


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