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our first mexican ‘city’! zacatecas is a colonial town, so it was insane to navigate. but, bob did a great job zipping through the confusing streets until a local moto-biker flagged us down and asked where we were going. he took us straight to our hotel after he figured out where we were trying to get to. the guy who runs it, Federico, also rides bikes and was super friendly. his hotel was closed for maintenance for a few weeks, though, so he jumped on his bike and took us to his friend’s hostel a few blocks away. it was cheap and close to everything, so it worked out great! Federico met us for dinner both nights we were there and gave us a walking tour of his city. thanks, Federico, for your generosity!

here it is in photos…

the streets of zacatecas are very steep! we definitely got our exercise walking around it for two days.

bob is making his way up a huge hill we climbed to see an old church and ride a cable car to another hill on the other side of the city.

taking in the view from the top of the hill. zacatecas was beautiful.

the church at the top of the hill. apparently pancho villa used this hill as leverage to bomb the city during the revolution.

our cable car ride from one hill to another. it was short, but the older gentleman running it gave us a full tutorial on what to city down in the city and bob and i were able to catch a museum with picasso, miro, dali, and others after he pointed us in the right direction. it was only 30 pesos for the museum entrance, too, which is about $2.50. another reason to love mexico.

the roof top terrace of our hostel at sunset. the main cathedral is in the background.

the hill behind me is the one we climbed earlier in the day to take the cable car.

the salsa spread at one of the restaurants that federico took us to. the one on the left was a pico de gallo with cactus. yum! and this was not a fancy restaurant. it was cheap but good.

this is a swanky hotel that used to be a bull fighting ring. it was really cool to see how they had transformed it. apparently rich people often have their weddings in the center. this was one of the stops on federico’s tour of the city.

and… back on the road. there’s pete hanging out in traffic. zacatecas was a great city to tour around for a few days, but we have to keep moving. more from our next destination soon…


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  1. wow!!!! so excited to hear that the trip is going so well! thank you for all the great post & pics. you all are amazing! thanks for allowing us to go on this trip with you all….

  2. The towns are so beautiful and colorful, even without sunshine! I just figured out who Pete is haha. I thought he was just some random friend guy you met

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