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well, it´s been a long few days since my last post. we´ve all had some crazy stomach issues, crossed a border, found our way around a landslide, and met up with some dear friends from back home. i´ll have to take the time to give some photo updates on all these happenings soon. but, a quick update for now: we are starting to feel much better with cipro in our systems, we have found guatemala to be even more beautiful than mexico,  and were so happy to get some time with our friends juliana and ryan.  (if you need to see pictures now, just go to pete´s blog. he´s much more on top of his than i am right now)

we´re pretty excited to be staying put for a week and diving into language school. we start tomorrow and got settled with our host families today. mine and bob´s is a lovely old couple who have a house full of nick-nacks, a green parrot, and an amazing view of the volcanoes out their front gate. we´re also super excited to have a place to call home for a week. it´s been a very long time since i´ve been in one place that long. it´ll be a busy one with school and meeting new people, but hopefully a very rewarding one.

i want to go catch the procession that is happening in town today in preparation for holy week. (they get things started here pretty early in the easter season) so, that´s it for now. i´ll post some pictures soon!

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  1. hola. i’ll be following you and reliving a similar trip i took in ’04 on my bmw gs from cincinnati to ushuaia (r/t)on my bmw gs. i won’t bother you much but do advise you to avoid the honduras frontera on the west coast with el salvador and nicaragua. a friendly crossing from guat. directly into honduras at el florido will give you direct access to the beautiful copan ruins. the honduras/pan-am hyw. crossings are notorious for corruption.
    i love your spirit and hope to meet you at the HU meeting next sept. ( sincerely, merrill

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