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¬†the rest of our week in manuel antonio was full of excercise, swimming, card playing and more use of the kitchen and laundry room. we actually left that place smelling ok, for once. we were able to give our gear a much needed wash. i gave myself my first haircut in 3 months (that’s a really long time for me!). and we got plenty of relaxing in, too. we headed into the¬†manuel antonio nature reserve mid-week to check out some more wildlife and go swimming in some of the prettiest beaches the area has to offer. we saw a few sloths, some lizards, and a ton of monkeys. check out matt’s blog for a video of one of them in action, stealing a banana.

this pic’s for my sister and brother: remember the beach we swam at 13 years ago with about 5 other people? well, this is the new state of it’s popularity. here is a small crowd trying to snap pics of the monkeys as they look for some food to steal from the swimming tourists.

one of the smaller beaches in the manuel antonio reserve


sun-downers at one of the best hotels in the area for watching the sunset

our last full day there, we decided to go for one of the ziplining tours. we just couldn't get out of costa rica without doing one. it ended up being a really fun and educational adventure!

bob and matt getting ready for our final repel off one of the platforms

here's joyce, relaxed and happy after a week of vacation. thanks again for visiting us and bringing all the goodies that got us set up for the next phase of our trip! it was great to connect with some familiar faces after months on the road.


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