the final central american frontier


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we made it to our final country in central america. it’s a pretty big milestone for us. and, though we are done with the heat and pretty ready to move onto to what lies ahead in south america, i have to say that panama has been a pleasant surprise in many ways. first, the border crossing at rio serreno was our favorite on the entire trip so far. it was in a tiny mountain town where we spent less than an hour.

our favorite part of the border crossing was the drastic difference in road conditions on either side of the border. this one was facing the costa rican side (dirt and gravel are standard there).

and the panama side: new, smooth pavement!

so, panama has been a mix of misty mountain towns, hot sunny islands and a crowded, noisy city to end the final central american adventure. i’ve been really neglecting the blog, i’ll admit. but, i think i’ve hit a point in the trip where it was hard to know what to write about. we have definitely been in a holding pattern, waiting to get to cooler weather and different cultural experiences.

i think its also hitting us that we are now very far from our social network: family, friends, coworkers, etc. we left a lot behind in louisville and we are definitely starting to feel that loss. travel is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and the world. but, i think it sometimes teaches you just as much about what is really important in life based on what you miss/don’t miss from life back home. there are a lot of things about american culture that we don’t miss at all, but the people in our lives, we miss dearly.

on that note, i think i’ll wrap this one up. i’m gonna leave you a few pics from the last few days. but, we have a special treat that we’re working on involving some ride footage from panama. so check back soon for that…

cows in the road

the rainy season is here and the germans are happy

bob knows how to chill in a hot spring

panama has a lot of cows. these three were happy to pose for our picture.

our new little friends love playing with the helmets.

well, i guess it’s time to say goodbye to central america… and HELLO to south america! see you in colombia!



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