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we had a whirlwind week with emily. and for her first motorcycle adventure ever, i’d say it was a pretty good introduction! we saw the sights in bogota, did some day trips into the mountains, and then headed down into the central valley for some warmer weather. it’s really interesting to host someone in a city that isn’t your own. but, bob and i got a better handle on the city after navigating by ourselves for a few days. here are photos from our week with emily.

emily and bob strolling through the city

gearing up for her first ride

we watched a 3D movie during our visit to the salt cathedral, an underground cathedral created in an old salt mine. it was interesting but a little theme-parkish. 3D movies are always fun, though.

the dixons in their gear

in a cable car heading up to cerro monserrate, a great overlook of the city

the view from the top just as it was getting dark. we picked a perfect time of day for heading up the hill. we got and beautiful sunset and got a glimpse of the city as it came alive at night.

the whole crew on our ride to the valley.


the pictures could go on and on. but, i think this is sufficient to show that we had a week packed with activities and motorcycle adventures. emily took to being a passenger really quickly. and as far as we know, had a great time seeing the sights in colombia with us. we really enjoyed having a guest and getting a week full of social time. we’re resting up today to have more motorcycle colombia adventures with our friend niki who just arrived. we are really excited to have a louisville friend in town and we’re heading out to a different part of the country later this week to soak in as much of this beautiful country as possible.

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I'm not your typical motorcycle adventure blogger. First, I'm a girl. Second, I'm a passenger on a v-strom 650 riding behind my boyfriend from Louisville, Kentucky through 13 countries to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Response to emily!

  1. I can’t believe they added a 3d movie! Why do good things always have to get ruined by tourism!! Glad you saw the valley at night–Colombia is awesome! :0)

  2. Please remove the pic in the cable car. That was an experimental over the top fake smile for the camera and it didn’t work.

  3. Glad to be able to read about your adventures. Thanks for sharing!

    Love to Niki in Columbia from Stephanie~!

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