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we are tired. we’ve had visitors for two weeks straight now. and, when faced with the task of cramming as much of colombia into one week as possible (while having the convenience of a motorcycle to get you around) we obviously overdid it. twice. but, the driving from bogota to a small western mountain town, called salento, was some of the best we’ve had on the whole trip. we were so bound and determined to give niki an authentic out-of-the-big-city experience that we didn’t take much time to break her into our riding style. so, her first day of riding was a full 7 hours of windy, windy roads and breathtaking views.


our lunch stop on the way to salento.

heading into the coffee region. nothing but hills and more steep hills of coffee plants!

the view from our bed on our first morning in salento.

horseback riding fun! we rode all the way down into the valley, through a river, and back up. it was definitely worth the sore butts we had for the next few days. and we even got a glimpse of a real colombian cowboy galloping along one of the surrounding hills.


bob trying his luck at crossing a very rickety foot bridge. he made it across and back in one piece, thankfully! my legs were too wobbly from riding a horse to even want to try it myself.

we did some hiking in the beautiful cocora valley. the tree in the center is the cocora tree. it's the national tree of colombia and they can grow to be 50 meters high (150 feet!).

we saw the most beautiful scenery of our entire trip, so far, on the drive back from salento. the pictures don't quite capture the depth but hopefully you get somewhat of an idea. every turn we made on the road opened up to new, overwhelming scenes of valleys that went on for days and jagged, vibrantly green mountain peeks. we are definitely driving back down this road in the near future.

me trying to get a good shot of niki with the mountains behind her. it was a difficult task to get the layers and layers of ridges that seemed to never end.

we said goodbye to niki on sunday and then took a full day off to rest from our whirlwind two weeks of visitors. it's hard to get an impression of a country in only one week. and we didn't even know what we were heading into with our visitors as we had never been to the towns ourselves. but, i think niki got a pretty amazing taste of the beauty and diversity of colombia. and now we have some must-see spots for anyone wanting to check it out!

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