colombia, who knew!?


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so we’re back in bogota but it has a bit of a different feel this week. mainly because bob and i have made a pretty huge trip decision… we heart colombia! we’ve spent ¬†four weeks in colombia, in and out of the city as our respective guests arrived and left. and, from the first week there was a little voice in both our heads saying, “maybe you don’t need to leave.” well, the longer we’ve stayed in the country and the more we’ve discussed the pros to trying to make it here, we really started to come up short on reasons to leave.

so, what are we doing this week that feels different than the others: WORK! haha. we have been in a whirlwind of resume revision, short-term apartment hunting, bilingual school hunting (for job opps), and conversations with family and friends about our decision. the pluses are endless… colombia has a good economy right now, they are a country who wants to learn english and still don’t have hundreds flocking in to teach it, it is the most gorgeous place we’ve been so far, vacation possibilities are endless, we actually have friends here (ALREADY!!), and one of the biggest bonuses is that the plane tickets from/to the US are truly affordable. that’s a pretty huge bonus, since we’d like to see our family and friends in the next year. and as my brother put it, they won’t have to sell a car to afford a plane ticket down here. argentina was not going to be quite so economical.

so there you have it. our big trip decision. when we set out on this trip we left with the goal of finding a place to relocate for awhile where we could learn about a new way of daily life, learn spanish, and gain some international job skills. we had planned to go all the way to argentina. but, part of what we learned along the way was that we missed being able to interact with people on a more meaningful level. passing through city after city was not the best way to achieve these interactions, and i think it started to wear on us. but, colombia has been a boon of new social interactions, the possibility of friends in a big and lively city, and a revival of our desire to really learn spanish (not just travel spanish). if we don’t find work, we’ll of course be moving on (or back, if the money runs out). but, we didn’t want to live with the regret of leaving bogota before we made the effort to create a life here for a minute.

now, some visual reasons to love colombia…

coffee!! it truly is some of the best in the world. and when you order it 'con leche' even the little corner stores have a milk frother. they take their coffee very seriously here.

mountain views everywhere! they are some of the prettiest views i've seen in my whole life.

jugo!! fresh-squeezed exotic juices are the other beverage of choice here. and i don't think i'll ever get tired of them.

did i mention beautiful mountain views already? well, here's another one.

motos rule the road in bogota (as long as they can fit!) this is emily and matt on our way back into the city during her visit. it's a little wild, but once you get used to it you realize why half the city drives motos instead of cars.


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  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! Sounds like a great decision. Colombia sounds frigging amazing. Congratulations and enjoy your new home!

  2. Wow, that’s great news, It wasn’t that long ago that you guys pulled up to Motohank’s very nervous about riding in Latin America. I remember the morning we crossed into Mexico and you guys were learning how to lane split. I think now that you can understand my passion for that part of the world!
    You guys have lots of adventure still ahead of you…congratulations!!!

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