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it’s been a busy week here in bogota. now that we are decidedly trying to find jobs in the city we’ve been revising our resumes, visiting schools, checking the paper and internet… whew. we had almost forgotten how the job search feels since it’s been a few years since either of us have gone through the process. and as (most likely) all of you know, it sucks. but, it has been positive in other ways. we have started to learn how to navigate through the city (on bike and on public transportation). we scored a cheap apartment for the month of june through air b&b, in which we are living with a wonderful older couple who are helping us practice our spanish and giving us advice on where to look for jobs. we bought groceries the other day and even have a little bin in the kitchen that is all our own for storing our things. (big, big deal when you’ve been on the road for 4 and a 1/2 months!)

we’re trying to be gentle with ourselves in getting back into the stress of job searching after being in a completely different head space for months. so, over the weekend we took off for the little town of villa de leyva (we’ve been there once before) to get in some fresh air and excercise away from the city. it was just what we needed to recharge before heading back for another week of putting ourselves out there.

while we were there, we took advantage of the easy access to some pretty incredible hiking. we walked straight down the road from our hostel and then for about 2 and a 1/2 hours straight up into the mountains. once we reached the top, we ended up in a valley that led to more, higher mountains. we were done with our climb, but the valley held a tiny community of farmers and made for some beautiful views of the surrounding hills.

as we have become colombian coffee junkies, we thought it was time to show you one of the typical machines we see it made from. this one was in villa de leyva in a tiny corner store that also sold pepsi, box wine, and potato chips. i especially love the eagle perched on the top which makes it so much more fancy than it already was. yay for good coffee!

we camped at the same hostel again and started to feel quite at home with the staff. when we told them that we were trying to live in bogota they all were excited and asked us to make their town our weekend getaway. as cheap and convenient (and beautiful) as it is, that won’t be a hard order to fill.

so, we’re back in the city churning out the resumes and waiting to see if anything happens. in order to not make ourselves crazy with this process, we’ve added daily walks into our routine to scope out potential neighborhoods for apartment hunting. the one we visited today had a very authentic indian restaurant, which upped it’s chances of becoming our new home.  (colombians aren’t big on spicy food).  here are a few shots of our home for the month of june…

it's got lots of big windows, so it's nice and sunny during the day

the cute, small kitchen where we have been pretty happy to find more than one knife, a cutting board, options for skillet sizes and so much more!

here's bob hard at work on job searching in our room

there's a maid who comes on wednesdays, and stays all day to do laundry, clean the heck out of the place and even rearrange the furniture (apparently a hobby of hers). maids seem pretty common here and also seem to be like a part of the family. there's no dryer in the house, so this is the state of the laundry area once she's done. i actually think it's kind of pretty with so many different colors. :)

and it's back to the electric shower. i don't think i've ever showed one of these. they aren't too bad because they at least guarantee hot water, even if it comes out at not much more than a trickle. i can't tell you how much better that is than a cold shower in chilly weather. (sorry it's blurry)

so there’s the state of life for us in bogota right now. some days we think it would have been easier to keep traveling because we had gotten good at that routine. but, we know that if we can find work and a way to settle here for awhile that our current state of limbo will definitely be worth it. wish us luck and we’ll keep you posted if we get any leads.  here’s hoping!


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  1. I got to visit with my buddy Karen from Mysore the other day, told her about the trip, and she told me she worked in Bogota in the late seventies as a nursing student! I knew she had gone to Latin America but could not remember where. She said the poverty was reeeeaaallllyyy bad back then and for R and R, and to escape the despair, she would take the bus to Villa de Lleva!

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