a whirlwind weekend back in the good ol’ u.s.a.


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i am writing this in lima peru, and bob and i were just tallying it up… i have been in four countries in THREE days! i have definitely just set my own record for lightening speed-world travel. i’m sure there are others out there who have accomplished more in that amount of time. but, i’m pretty content for that to remain my personal record, as it’s an exhausting way to try and get anywhere or see new places.

some of you reading already know that i got a rare opportunity last week to fly to washington, d.c. and surprise my sister for her birthday. this was her boyfriend, john’s, gift to her (and really, to me as well). so, i jumped at the chance to spend some much needed quality time with my sister and get a quick taste of american culture. the time spent with my sister was an incredible whirlwind of travel stories and non-stop conversation. needless to say, i had a wonderful time. here’s a visual re-cap of some of the weekend’s highlights.

this is just after i got to D.C. and walked up to lori to surprise her at the restaurant john had taken her to. it was a pretty great surprise!

we did some serious baking to prepare for lori's birthday party on saturday. these are made-from-scratch chocolate/coffee cupcakes filled with peanut butter and topped with homemade chocolate icing and peanuts. whoa! i was in a sugar coma by the end of the night. colombia likes their desserts, but they've got nothing that compares to these!

the birthday party was a (2nd annual) slumber party where lori's friends stayed and slept out on the roof terrace of her apartment building. here we are getting ready to turn in for the night.

sunrise on the roof

other than preparing for and enjoying lori’s bday party, i did a few things that i knew i should take advantage of while i was in the US for a minute. i got my hair cut, we went and saw the new wes anderson movie (loved it! go see it soon.), ate thai food, and just tried to catch up with lori and john as much as possible while we had the luxury of being face to face. all of this was lovely and completely unexpected before last week! i definitely experienced some major culture shock, after being away for 5 months. but, it was good to get a quick taste of the US before heading back into travel mode. even if what it did was remind me that i’m not quite ready to go back for good and still have a lot that i’d like to experience before i do. it kind of served as a refueling for the road that lies ahead.

so, with that… happy birthday lori and thanks again for gifting both of us a wonderful weekend, john!


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  1. I am still in awe over such an incredible surprise! It was so wonderful to see you and hang out for the weekend! Hope you can catch up on sleep this week and have a great time in Machu Picchu!

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