the road to puno


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bob’s dad and grandma arrived safe and sound in cuzco (though somewhat sleep and oxygen deprived) and had a day to acclimate before we hit the road. we made our way to puno, a city on the shore of lake titicaca, by way of an all day bus tour. i think the visuals will do a better depiction than my writing. but, i will say, it was a day full of spectacular views.

bob's grandma and dad on the bus, taking it all inone of our stops along the way to visit some inca ruins. this is in the little town square.

outside of an old spanish church, the 'sistine chapel of south america'

view from the bus

our highest stop, going over a glacial pass at around 13,000 feet. it was cold and very hard to breathe.

a peek at the glacier with alpacas grazing in the foreground

the dixon boys

some furry friends at our lunch stop

high plains in the andes with a tourist train in view


it was a long day full of amazing views on the bus. we got to puno late in the evening and managed to find dinner and a hotel. there wasn’t much to the town, so we were all content to get a good (cold) night’s sleep and prepare to head out to the floating islands of lake titicaca the next morning. more photos from that experience to come…

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  1. That’s one of the best clothesline photos ever. I have a multi-national collection and want to add this one. Love following your travels. Vaya con dios. L

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