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it’s been a mobile week for us: heading back from peru, getting our colombia paperwork in order so that the bike could stay in the country a few months longer, and then taking a quick loop north to visit some must-see sights on our list before heading to the mountains for our month of volunteering. we passed a big milestone yesterday, too… 10,ooo MILES!!! i can not believe we’ve come so far. but, when i think back to memorable moments from six months ago, it makes me remember just how long we’ve been traveling and how much we’ve seen. i’m feeling very grateful of all i’ve been able to see and do on this trip and how smoothly things have gone for us. just feeling a little reflective after 10,000 miles.

here’s another picture show of some of the most recent miles covered.

paragliders over the coast in lima

bob on the beach, watching some surfers do their thing

back in colombia and headed for the coast. our bike parking on a side street in baricharra, a small colonial town north of bogota

a roadside break in the mountains

chicamocha national park. this was our view for quite a few miles of the drive into this valley. we definitely want to make it back here before we leave colombia.

we met up with andrea, her husband matt, and andrea's brother arturo in santa marta (the oldest city in south america!). we were in route to a little beach town with them when we stopped to catch this great sunset over the water.

capturing the end of the sunset in the small scuba diving town of taganga.

after santa marta, we camped for two nights on a lovely beach called bahia concha. it was pretty far off the beaten path, so we practically had the place to ourselves. there was a french couple with a small sailboat who shared the bay with us every night, but their boat made the view prettier so we didn't mind.

there was perfect color separation in the water at bahia concha and very little waves. it was pretty awesome for swimming.

another great sunset. we didn't have much to do at our little deserted beach. so the changing colors gave us a few great hours of entertainment each night. oh, and the little lights out on the water are small fishing boats that went out at sunset and stayed out all night. it was one of the prettiest night scenes i've ever had on the ocean.

cartagena!!!! we made it to the beautiful, historic city that feels like the perfect combination of charleston and new orleans. we decided to spend a few days here to take it all in. so, more cartagena pics in the next post.



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