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i am so glad we stayed in colombia long enough to visit cartagena! it’s a beautiful mixture of old (restored) colonial luxury and current disheveled grittiness. it’s pretty oppressively hot there. so the city goes at a fairly slow pace (except for the tourist throng) while the sun is up. and, as soon as it goes down it comes back to life and is incredibly pleasant to wander the side streets with the night time breeze, taking in the comings and goings of the local residents.

with our travel budget, we stayed out of the fancy wine bars and stores in the main historic area of town where the dress code seemed to be exclusively: white linen. but, we found plenty of street vendors with everything from shaved ice (yum!) to shrimp cocktail. by the end of two full days of roaming, we practically walked every last inch of the walls surrounding the city. that part of the city really reminded us of charleston. the seedier parts and the balconies reminded us of new orleans. either way, it felt like a little taste of home.

in the courtyard of the inquisition museum. we got to see a lot of witch torturing devices (which were disturbing) but the museum didn't quite live up to it's $8 entrance fee.

beautifully restored historic center

the massive wall surrounding the city, complete with a huge walkway on top

a shot of the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas taken from on top of the wall. Does this remind anyone else of Romancing the Stone, or am i the only one who had a childhood obsession with that movie?

looking a little creepy with the modern downtown area in the background (which we never ventured into). the old part was just too enticing.

For Luckett: not quite as cool as the alpaca shot in peru. but, it's our own laundry drying on the roof of our hostel after a good handwashing in the shower. the image in the background is the castillo de san felipe popping up just over the roof.

we caught a colombian couple in action, partaking in one of their favorite vacation pasttimes: photo shoots! we've witnessed tons of these and never captured one. but, it's pretty simple. the girl is all dressed up and the boyfriend, husband, etc. is taking tons of photos of her posing like a model. it's pretty great! one of a handful of quirky colombian pasttimes that we've grown to love.

we found our favorite juice combo yet in colombia: mango and maracuya! it was also really refreshing in the cartagena heat.

the eerie beauty of cartagena

it was fun to wander this historic city for a few days. but, we decided in the end that we were just going to want to cave and spend money the longer we stayed there. so, we headed south again for a much less touristy, much lazier town called mompos. there’s not much going on here, so it’s nice to sit under the ceiling fan and get another blog post out in preparation for our month off the grid. we start volunteering next week and are expecting very little internet availability for the month. i’ll try to get a few more posts up before then. but, for now i think i’d rather be wandering aimlessly around the streets of this sleepy town. and it will be to your benefit too, eventually, because i’ll take my camera! until the next chapter unfolds…


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