felicitaciones a matteo!


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a BIG congratulations to Matt (Pete) tonight. he just landed himself back in good ol’ kentucky after making it all the way to buenos aires! how strange it must feel to be back in the US after all that we have seen and experienced. we’re going to have to get some pointers on how to acclimate when our return time grows closer.

the tres amigos have enough stories to keep us entertained for years to come after this adventure. but, i’m sure matt is already planning his next destination. can’t wait to see where the next one takes him…

it all began with a cold campground reunion in the middle of texas.

and around 10,000 miles later... we parted ways for the final time in peru after a whirlwind, yet amazing, tour of the main attractions. can't wait to see what the rest of matt's adventure looked like through his camera lens.

So Pete, don’t grow up too fast now that this adventure is at an end. And don’t forget your love for tortillas now that you have so many options again!

Hasta luego amigo.

Un abrazo, coco y rufio

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