the 9th and final frontier


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we decided to head to ecuador with the few weeks we had left, but it had to be a quick trip. we need to be back in bogota by october 1st to meet my siblings and my dad for our last 10 days in colombia. so, we chose strategically where to spend the little time we had. we made our first stop just past the border at the small town of tulcan. it had a famous cemetery with  loads of sculpted shrubery. so, we roamed around and caught a few of our favorites on camera before hitting the road again.

bob with shrubs

los gorditos

after our short stop in tulcan, we headed to otavalo (which promised to have a great handicraft market) and found the hostel where we camped for a few nights. it was just outside of town, up in the surrounding hills and had some great views of the volcanoes in the area.

from otavalo, we headed down to banos to celebrate our fourth anniversary and do a little relaxing after being on the road for so many days in a row. we found a great hostel (hostel chimenea) that had private rooms with balconies for $17 a night. ecuador’s prices on everything from food to gasoline are pretty sweet, by the way.

we rented a dune buggy and took the avenida de las casadas, which had view after view of amazing waterfalls. here's one.

bob at one of the viewing spots for the biggest and most powerful on the route, pailon del diablo. it was incredible to get that close to it. we even got to crawl through a little path that took you to a lookout behind the waterfall! (couldn't get the camera out in that moment, so you'll just have to imagine it.)

safety first

here i am behind the wheel for the first time in 8 months! it was a little scary at first, seeing as how i was driving a rickety dune buggy on the main roads with semis and fast cars. but, once i got used to it i had some fun driving again. and i'm positive bob had fun getting to sight see while on the road for the first time in 8 months, too.

one more for your viewing pleasure

more from the quick trip through ecuador to come…


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