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knowing we only had a few days left in ecuador before we needed to start heading back toward bogota, we decided (kind of at the last minute) to make a stop at laguna quilotoa. it ended up being a much more strenuous ride than expected, with hail and rain once we climbed up into the high plains. and we rolled into the tiny town of quilotoa right at dark, frozen and without a clue where we were going to stay. luckily, it was very easy to spot the bare-bones hostels run by the local indigenous folks and we found one that would work pretty quickly. after warming ourselves up by the wood burning stove and getting a solid dinner, we were happy we made the trip. we were staying just a two minute walk from the top of the crater. so we headed out the next morning to take a look. and were not disappointed by the views.

laguna quilotoa

it was cold and super windy at the top of the crater, but the views were pretty amazing.

the views driving through the altiplano were pretty spectacular too, and we found a roadside friend who would pose for a quick picture

taking a break during a construction stop for a land slide. these have been so routine on the trip that they don't phase us at all anymore. i was trying to stay warm in the sun while we waited. it was cold up there!

we got super lucky on the drive back to otovalo from the laguna and had an extremely clear view of volcan cotopaxi.

some roadside propaganda to make sure the folks in ecuador don't forget what their government is doing for them. and yes, the road conditions were very nice. but, the fear of getting put in jail for speeding (which was happening to people) made us want to book it back into colombia as fast as we could, under the speed limit of course.

sunset view of yet another volcano back at our hostel in otovalo. we soaked up every last view we could before heading for colombia the next morning.

we expected the border crossing back into colombia to be a little more involved than the crossing going south. we’d heard from other travelers that going north is always harder. but, exiting ecuador was easy and painless. we just had to get stamped out and then an aduana guy checked our VIN number on the bike and said we were good to go. they gave us new paperwork on the colombia side, which took a few minutes, and checked out the bike again. but, all we had to do was sit in their office for a half hour and we were on our way soon enough. back in colombia for our final two weeks of south american adventures! it’s so hard to believe how quickly it’s all coming to an end. it feels so much more imperative that we take in everything we can and savor our time left in the andes. we’re going to go into mountain withdraw when we land in miami. but, we’re not ready to think about that just yet. there’s still plenty of colombian living left to do before we cross that bridge.

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