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i think it’s a little masochistic to show a video of ourselves looking like total idiots to all our friends and family who read this blog…

but, we didn’t want to deny you the laugh-til-you’re-crying enjoyment that you may get from the experience.┬áthe back story: we made an overnight stop in a tiny town a few months back while traveling to bogota from the north coast of colombia. we lucked into a really nice little hotel on the route and the owner was very friendly. she had lived in florida for many years so she enjoyed chatting with us for a bit about her history and why she had moved back to colombia. she also seemed really involved in her small town, called pueblo nuevo.

so, in the morning as we were packing up the bike to get back on the road, she came over and asked a favor of us. the local news was doing a story on what great things the mayor had recently done for pueblo nuevo. and they needed to interview some folks talking about these accomplishments. they decided it would be fun to have two gringos on the news, so they swooped us up and the next thing we knew, we were sitting by the pool trying to quickly remember what they wanted us to say. i spoke in spanish and bob was supposed to translate what i said into english. but, if you know bob, you won’t be surprised that he added some info here and there. anyway, i won’t give the whole thing away. just click on the link below and start watching around minute 30… then you can enjoy making fun of us for the rest of your day!


in an attempt at redeeming ourselves, i’m adding another video from our time in the country. we decided to give you a little taste of what our daily chores included. so, here we are workin’ hard on the farm.


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