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on the eve of our return to the US, we feel like taking a few moments to reflect on our travels abroad is a necessary action. and what better way to reflect on something that is impossible to simplify than to make some lists. so here goes…


  • krewe du vieux in new orleans
  • first day of riding in mexico
  • eating fresh caught fish on the beach in zipolite, mexico
  • a long night of puking due to bad food, paired with broken ribs and already sore bodies from wrecking the bike only two days earlier
  • sharing traveling digestive issue stories with ryan and juliana in antigua, guatemala
  • learning how to by-pass a fresh landslide guatemala-style
  • dinner (of mayan reclamation cuisine) at hacienda san lucas in copan, honduras
  • our entire 3 days in miraflor, nicaragua
  •  taking the wrong route to monte verde, costa rica which included dropping the bike more times than we want to count
  • the costa rican-panamanian border 
  • leaving the heat of central america and trading it for the chilly air of the andes in bogota
  • a quick introduction to colombian culture at our friend andrea’s birthday party with her entire family
  • horseback riding in salento, colombia (both times!)
  • camping on the deserted beach of bahia concha, colombia
  • hiking to the top of huayna picchu, peru
  • fusion sushi in lima, peru
  • everything about our month in the country with rosa, chavela, and santiago



  •  mexican food (the real kind that you get in mexico)
  • southern-style barbeque
  • family and friends (obviously)
  • listening to records
  • bourbon
  • the security of knowing the shower will stay hot the entire time you are in it
  • running shoes (which would then lead to running)



  • motohank (dilly, texas): he taught us how to ride in mexico and reassured us that we were taking this trip for the right reasons
  • federico (zacatecas, mexico): he took time to show around his beautiful town and was one of the first people to really help us see how connected the Americas are
  • jill and jean luc (antigua, guatemala): hours of practicing our broken spanish over the dinner table, while we all tried to improve and found that people with very different backgrounds can enjoy each other’s company thoroughly
  • our host families on the eco-reserve (miraflor, nicaragua): for welcoming us with open arms, even though we were americans, and helping us to see even more clearly how differently things can be done and how powerful you can be when you come together under a united cause
  • ryan brunhaven (bellingham, washington): our first ‘travel buddy’ who we found was traveling for some of the same reasons we were
  • andrea polanco (bogota, colombia): our guide to all things colombian, she first sparked our interest in diving further into the country and gave us a lot of her free time showing us around the city
  • chavela (gambita, colombia): she made us laugh and confused the hell out of us with her crazy version of spanish. and her passion for life was undeniable.
  • chavela’s brother, uncle tio (gambita, colombia): for showing us that cowboys still exist and giving us a glimpse into a colombia of an older age 
  • dan and elissa (newport, rhode island): we met them at the very end of our trip and wished we could have kept traveling a little longer to meet up on down the road… maybe one day we’ll make it happen and buy that RV 
  • friends and family: without the support from our loved ones we couldn’t have had the experience that we did and it has been a joy to share our adventures with so many people that we miss back at home



  • pozole
  • pinto gallo, gallo pinto
  • aztec soup
  • garbanzo, chorizo, olive dish from a restaurant in colombia
  • refried black beans (every day)
  • anything in mole sauce
  • mayan inspired foods



  • hotel mina real (real de catorce, mexico)
  • la casa de dante (guanajuato, mexico)
  • hotel estrella (san juan del sur, nicaragua)
  • pension marilos (boquete, panama)
  • renacer guest house (villa de leyva, colombia)
  • hostel chimenea (banos, ecuador)



  • ace bandage
  • fuel canister
  • cheap jump rope
  • 9-volt plug adapter (for the motorcycle)
  • medivac insurance (thank goodness!)
  • platypus water bags
  • anti-diarrheal meds
  • two pairs of earrings



  • how to ride a motorcycle on gravel, dirt, uneven pavement, through crazy city traffic, on crazy mountain roads, sand, and mud
  • how much food we actually need to consume in a day to keep going
  • patience gets you places
  • how to carry on a conversation with the same person for eight months and still like that person at the end of it
  • smiling when you don’t know what else to do usually helps
  • when in doubt, just say “si!”
  • the americas (outside of the US) aren’t as scary as we were taught they are
  • as a random woman from louisiana said, “people are people”
  • living out of a box (+ one giant duffle bag) gets old after 8 months
  • less is more
  • travel forums should be taken with a serious grain of salt
  • attitude is everything
  • trusting people works out better than the alternative
  • we don’t know how to salsa (hopefully that will change one day)
  • fear is bad for the soul
  • a good poncho is warmer than a winter coat
  • machetes can hack the shit out of some wood

colombia, we'll miss you. (but not the nine hour process of waiting around for this machine to get shrink wrapped)


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