swapping the bike for an aveo and one last adventure with the family


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most of you know by now that we are currently making our way through the US. we’ve driven through florida, georgia, north carolina, and virginia so far. and, i think it’s safe to say that driving through the deep (deeply conservative) ┬ásouth right before an election wasn’t the smartest way for us to re-acclimate to US culture. but, we’re making our way and trying to process this crazy country of excess which we call home. i’m really not ready to sum up any thought on re-entry (and maybe never will be). but, what i’d rather do is take a step back to cover our final week and a half in colombia. we had so much to do with getting the bike ready to ship that i didn’t have time to post about my family’s visit. so here are a few of the highlights from a fast paced 9 days of revisiting our favorite places and trying our darnedest to give my family a glimpse of the colombia we knew and loved over the last five months.

we spent a lovely evening in bogota going up to monserrate, the church overlooking the entire city

the views got prettier as the sky got darker

we took everyone to our favorite burger joint, galapago, in chia (yum!)

hiked to our favorite lookout spot in villa de leyva

bob finally bought a hat he'd been eyeing for awhile, so we made him pose with it in the town square

soaked in the hot springs in manizales

rode horses through the beautiful coffee zone of salento

we played tejo (an explosive version of horseshoes) at a bar in town

looked for some souvenirs on the foggy streets one afternoon in salento

went for another hike in the valle de cocora near salento

and got back to bogota just in time for one last dinner in one of our favorite neighborhoods

whew! i’m tired just recapping everything we squeezed into one week. it was quite a whirlwind, but we loved seeing our favorite spots one last time. it was extra special to get to share them with family. we felt like they were able to glimpse what our life has been like these last few months. and, that can make all the difference. it was also such a great way to end up the trip. we realized that getting to be tour guides kept our minds on all the positives and we didn’t have time to delve into any self-pity about the trip coming to an end or worry about how it would be heading back to the US. that would all be dealt with in due time.

so thanks dad, david, and lori for giving us an incredibly memorable final week in colombia! you guys are now wrapped up into some of our favorite experiences there and we’re so happy that we got to share them with you.


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