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you’re probably wondering why, suddenly, after so many months of nothing there is a new blog post to read. well, first off, i didn’t want to leave the blog so completely open ended. i thought it would feel better to have a tiny bit of closure on such a profound experience. second, i really needed the time away from writing to digest what i (we) had come home to. we knew we’d experience some ‘reverse’ culture shock on returning to the US. but, i didn’t realize how angry or depressed i’d get in the process.

though i feel like there is plenty about bob and i that remained intact during our travels, there is also a lot that has shifted. our perspective on definitions of ‘hard’ and ‘happy’ have been completely rewritten. and we see consumption (on many levels) in a very different light after traveling with so little and experiencing life in places that consume so much less than we do here. that was one of the most challenging things to process on our homecoming. i think it’s safe to say that we aren’t in as much shock now. but, the first few weeks of witnessing US cultural practices were pretty overwhelming. our hope is not to completely fall back into acceptance of the ‘normalized’ rate of consumption here, but to continue experimenting with our new definitions mean for our lifestyle choices.

i wouldn’t say we’re completely through the roller coaster of emotions that came with trying to re-acclimate, but we have at least carved out a plan for our most immediate next step. i don’t think we, or anyone else, expected us to take this trip and come home to step right back into a life we used to live.  but, now we are pondering what exactly we want to do to support ourselves and our ever evolving ideas on how we want to live our lives. one thing we know for sure: there is a lot that we still have to learn about the world and a whole lot we still want to see. and in staying true to this sentiment we’ve found an organic farm that we’re going to intern on for the 2013 season. it’s a vegetable and flower farm in pennsylvania, about an hour north of philadelphia. (check it out here: www.bloomingglenfarm.com) we’ll go dig in the dirt, learn a skill we’ve both wanted to know a lot more about, and have some time to think and process where we need to be heading next. we’ll let you know how the farming life works out for us!

i couldn’t end this blog without, first, a HUGE THANK YOU to all the dear friends and family who have taken us in or helped us out as we worked to get our feet on solid ground in the US. So to: David, Erin, Joyce, Robin, Lori, John, Michelle, Andy, Matt, Emily, Gary, Mark, Patricia, Sue, Amanda, Crazy Horse, No Show, Peanut, Jersey Fresh, Tory, and Richard…  we can’t thank you enough. But, we can promise that once we are settled (wherever that may be!) we would gladly return the generous hospitality that each of you have shown us. We are lucky to have a network that is so conveniently strewn across the US for things like extended motorcycle tours.

i guess i’ll leave you now with my main intentions for writing this blog:

1) so that i could stay connected to family and friends while so far away

2) so that i could have a different kind of travel journal to look back on

3) so that maybe, just maybe some of the fears and challenges that we faced along the way would inspire you to find something that felt like a crazy, impossible dream, and then just take a giant leap of faith in yourself…

because in the end, that was the most important step in the entire process.



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